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Twitters I made on 2007-07-31

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
  • Zero inbox, zero Sky+ box, even zero bloglines. All I needed was two weeks off work. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-07-30

Monday, July 30th, 2007
  • Panorama was poo as seems to be usual – Following programme ignores brave ambulance staff as well. Tut-tut BBC, tut-tut… #
  • (…and I’m not too impressed with iPlayer as well) #
  • @Warrenellis – Do ask them to turn the temperature down a shade for my visit there in a few days. There’s a good chap. #
  • @Ordinal – Can I join your SL Al-Qaeda? Although I don’t think that a beard would suit you much… #
  • @Ordinal – I have my own nuclear missile, which I do so love making go splode! I Suspect I’m now on an Echelon watchlist now… #
  • Watching ‘Marathon Man’ for the first time ever which drinking vodka and coke and eating broken biscuits. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-07-28

Saturday, July 28th, 2007
  • Up and out of bed to meet fellow writer type in Stratford for coffee. Then at vague loose end all day. #
  • Realised why a big copy across my network took 14 hours. Normally helps if the ethernet line is plugged in rather than use wireless network #
  • Ahhh… Pub. Glorious! Makes me happy to be a man and therefore able to go to the pub on my own. #
  • Deciding whether to stay in pub and drink, go home with cans of drink or just quit whie I’m ahead… #
  • Alcohol won – two bottles of diet Coke and one bottle of vodka bought on way home from pub. Both proably gone by the morning. #
  • @stephtara – I find that subtly booting the cat up the arse tends to get it going on it’s way. #
  • Strange – I find it harder to introduce myself in Virtual worlds than in RL – I’m guessing something to do with a lack of body language… #
  • Fancy building something in SL – but lacking some inspiration… #
  • Hmmm… How about a working TARDIS? Building less difficult than the scripting methinks. More alcohol needed. #
  • …But first…. ‘CASUALTY’! (On which I have insider knowledge) – But I still don’t understand why it’s so poo #
  • @Stephtara – Problem is that most folks don’t know about CC – only us computer freaks. #
  • @Budgie – Depends on the bone… #
  • Currently wondering why they can’t make decent movies like ‘Jaws’ anymore. Too many people involved in the ‘creative process’? #
  • The only reason that I regret not having children is that I can’t show them films like ‘Jaws’ and say ‘This is *true* storytelling’. #
  • Up to ‘V’ on the great CD rip of 2007, soon the monster that is ‘Various. #
  • When ripping CDs the whole ‘Enhanced CD’ thing really brasses me off when there is no easy way to disable autorun in Windows. #
  • @Laura – Welcome to my world…. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-07-27

Friday, July 27th, 2007
  • Have spent all day ripping my CDs to network storage – I’ve managed ‘F’ to ‘P’ (‘Foo Fighters’ to ‘Primitives’). #

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Twitters I made on 2007-07-26

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
  • Still in bed. I think the part of my body that says ‘get up and do stuff’ is broken. And no Red Bull in the house. #
  • Sitting around waiting for radio show to call me up at 10pm for a five minute chat on Talksport. All about violence… #
  • Heh – Bloke presenting radio programme wouldn’t let me talk because I didn’t agree that it’s a ‘war-zone’ out there. #

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Thursday, July 26th, 2007


I’m almost certainly in LA during next month – I think that this place might be worth a visit.

More photographs of it here.

(Discovered on the inspirational Brass Goggles).

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Twitters I made on 2007-07-25

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
  • #
  • Been night-driving while listening to the superb new Unkle album. Highly recommended pastime. #

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

I’ve fiddled around with and installed the ‘Twitter tools‘ plugin so that my ‘tweets’ will also appear here.  It also should send a twitter everytime I post here.

This may well change depending on how well I think it’s going.

<= Is a huge tit. Booked annua...

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

<= Is a huge tit. Booked annual leave for the next two weeks and forgot about it. About to return home from work now.

Twitters I made on 2007-07-24

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
  • Unable to stay awake – checking body for Testse fly bites. #
  • Wondering if there is software out there that lets you build a private virtual world. Something like a private Second Life server. #

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