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Twitters I made on 2007-11-29

Thursday, November 29th, 2007
  • Wandering around a university waiting to meet a mate of mine. #
  • Just managed to avoid getting a parking ticket. Being polite and apologetic works sometimes. #
  • @Ryan Join us… Join us… Have you never #
  • …wondered why there are so many Reynolds around? #
  • and those two were directed at @euan #
  • About to iceskate for the first time ever. I may die. #
  • Not only am I alive but apparently I can also skate. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-28

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
  • Am old and near death. Year++ #
  • Wondering if I should write a piece for the Daily Mail. Could do with the money, but… Its the *Daily Mail* #
  • @whiskey_kitten about clean/dirty ambulances. #
  • Thanks for all the advice. Although it seems that my Twitter readers are all mercenaries. #
  • Currently struggling with the Daily Mail article. I feel like a whore. The ‘research’ they want me to comment on hasn’t been published. #
  • I feel like I’m writing utter fluff. It offends my artistic sensibilities. Why did I say yes? (Oh yes…the money – I want a new Mac). #
  • Trying to find a way to blame dirty ambulances on Polish immigrant benefit scroungers in an effort to please the Mail’s editor. #
  • What is ironic is that it is the Polish cleaners working for minimum wage at 4am in the morning that keep the motors clean. #
  • @Suw – Yep Unison had a press release but have not published their data that led to it. Hence the horribly fluffy writing. #

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On Fixing An iPhone

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

For some reason my iPhone stopped syncing correctly with my Macbook. I’d get a message along the lines of “Contacts failed to sync because the sync server failed to sync the iPhone” I’m the type of person who considers it a failure of character to call tech support.

So, after hitting the forums I stumbled across the answer.

  1. Open the iSync application.
  2. Go to the preferences of iSync.
  3. Under the ‘Advanced’ section is a button that says ‘Reset sync history…’
  4. Press that button.
  5. It may be helpful to restart your computer.

And that should do it – it worked on mine at least.

(Next up a tip that will be handy for anyone who lives in a city with a public transport system)

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-27

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
  • Heading home after a rather enjoyable drink with the London NHS webteam. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-26

Monday, November 26th, 2007
  • Knackered. Will probably sleep for 14 hours after I get home. Disturb me at your peril postman for I sleep naked! #
  • Mwah-ha-ha-ha Have been given overtime covering the new year’s eve celebrations in central London. I am a glutton for punishment! #
  • (Now – how many drunk’s clothing can I cut in half that night?) #
  • erm… If any of my management are reading, that last was a joke.



    Promise. #

  • After 90 minutes of sleep today I begin to feel a little tired. #
  • Curious as to what @annapickard is watching. #
  • Having a strange desire to have an all night coding session. Spoilt only by having forgotten how to code. #
  • 1 hour sleep in the past 32 hours and suddenly I’m wide awake with a churning brain. Sodding great. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-25

Sunday, November 25th, 2007
  • Thinking that GTTFD is *much* better than GTD. Kudos to @Ordinal #
  • Have reached that time of the night where, unless you are actually dying, you are quite unlikely to get sympathy off me. #
  • Oh dear. Someone’s been shot on my patch. Wonder if it’ll make the news? #
  • And was the double stabbing mentioned yesterday at all? #
  • @ordinal you wouldn’t be unique in trying that trick. #
  • Losing the will to live. And this I’d before I’ve seen any patients. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-24

Saturday, November 24th, 2007
  • I’ve been put on the FRU on a strange (and disturbingly clean) sstation. This means I am now carrying *four* phones. I am an important man. #
  • Only a hour to go before I stop dealing with drunks and get to to home to bed. #
  • Hoping that people have fun at BarCamp London – I shall instead be making a noise rather like a man sawing a log in half… #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-23

Friday, November 23rd, 2007
  • @snowgoon someone was being annoying because they didn’t have haggis. #
  • Have been given a 3G skype phone to play with for a month. Am famous blogger! #
  • Suspect that my iPhone may have poisoned the well somewhat… #
  • @annapickard only out of my cold dead hands. #
  • @snowgoon Of course, I’d love to chat. #
  • @minfig where did you get it? I must have some! NOW!!! #
  • @Suw What’s that then? #
  • @minifig I am indebted to you. I must buy you a drink sometime. #
  • @warrenellis – Make your own #
  • @Warrenellis – Or order some online #
  • What the HELL is a ‘vegetarian haggis"?! #
  • @Suw Could do with a UK blogger type piss-up. #
  • Very sad that Verity Lambert died. #
  • Re: Veggie haggis, surely it’s just vegetables in a bag? Seems like a crime against nature/Scotland. #
  • @girlwitha1trackmind – No… you get to go to the House of Lords…<grin> #
  • @timd Hahahahaha, I’m guessing that they don’t have the strength to fight back. #
  • Leaving for work. Think kindly of me as you sleep in your warm beds while I wrestle with drunks. #
  • @ordinal – well, yes. But they shouldn’t be calling me (although you never know…) #
  • Bugger it. Crewmate is on leave, so will probably be sent to the far corners of the earth. #
  • Still single on station with 11 hours until the end of my shift. Not clockwatching at all. Nope not at all. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-22

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
  • @sarahforrester I know what you mean #
  • Wondering how to send haggis to annoying people over email. #
  • @ordinal I think that’ll only encourage him. #

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Twitters I made on 2007-11-21

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
  • @girlwith1trackmind it’s the writing that I’m talking about. #
  • AFK #

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