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Twitters I made on 2008-01-30

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
  • "What do you do on the bath?" Eat chocolate and read Wired. #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-29

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
  • Have utterly wasted day by sleeping through it. Guess this means a late night then. #
  • I think I’m writing today off completely as getting anything useful done. Damn it. #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-28

Monday, January 28th, 2008
  • @urRaku – Ill Doctrine is indeed superb and has been on my podcast list for a while. At the moment I’m getting practice. #
  • First of three days pretending to be a home worker. Day one – would be late into work. #
  • Just booked back fit for work. Also impressed by Google’s search page today. #
  • Nothing (legal) says "Good morning!" like a pint of coke drunk in under twenty seconds.

    *Burp* #

  • @Suw – Social Media – You are missing ‘Forums’. (Can’t edit wikis – beyond my experience) #
  • @Suw – Creative blogs – Peter David, Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, William Gibson That the sort of thing you are looking for? #
  • About to eat – perhaps I should lifeblog it? Perhaps not. #
  • @Suw – Forums not social? I’d say they are a darn sight more social than ad-servers like Facebook. #
  • I feel more ‘at home’ in a forum than anything else mentioned on the page – and they aren’t automatically troll homes. #
  • @Suw – Forum, are *superb* for building relationships. I think we’ve have two very different experiences experiences with them. #
  • @nicopotamus – Cheers – I’ll take a look at it. #
  • @nicopotamus Comments should be fixed now. (Along with me farting around with the theme). #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-27

Sunday, January 27th, 2008
  • Domain names booked, blog set up, RSS feed checked, CSS altered, PHP punched. Now all I need is image-art and content! #
  • Content and icons can wait until later – I think I’ll have an early night. #
  • @Renzephyr try searching SL for "Second health" for a proof of concept polyclinic. (I hate it by the way, but the idea is there). #
  • 3L Diet coke, 1L Absolut vodka, An urge to play at being ‘creative’. It’s gonna be an enjoyable day at the Reynolds place… #
  • Hitting – Is reading legal terms a new way of being ‘Creative’? #
  • Oh blimey, fonts… Too. Many. Choices. But it’s an important choice. Time to look for inspiration (i.e. Rip off someone else). #
  • About to die. Cycled for the first time in oh…3 years. Only 2 miles but am now unable to walk. Have new-found love for my car. #
  • Oh blimey – I’m just laying myself open for mockery. #
  • You may go here and laugh at me – I promise, it can *only* get better with actual content. #
  • Now that 1L bottle of vodka and I need to get acquainted. #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – Yep, something I’m planning on doing when I work out how to do it properly *and* in a very short timeframe. #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – Yep – think I’ve got it sussed. Although would prefer fade to black rather than white. #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – I am a tit, just figured it out. I’m never someone to do something the easy way when there is a trickier way to do it #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – Would love it! Trust me to jump on a bandwagon just as it goes mainstream <grin> #
  • @blowdart – What would you recommend? Something that’ll work with iTunes and pretty much everything else? #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-23

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
  • I need to find someone to be me when I can’t get out of bed. #
  • First thing to make me laugh in ages – "The Warren Ellis guide to gardening", or ‘Give me food Gaia or I’ll drown you in shit*". *Mulch. #
  • Appears that when I leave this pub I’m in I’m gonna hafta hit my RSS with a spanner. #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-22

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
  • Need to ‘defrag’ flat – thanks to Suw for that particular linguistic phrase. #
  • @Vivdora after examining my foot (through a sock!) suggested that I wait and see, and here are some anti-inflammatories, come back in a week #
  • @Giagia – seems perfectly sensible to me. Has Brian ever thought of doing stand up comedy? #
  • @snowgoon I also adore Lemon Jelly so I’ve now programmed my iTunes for same #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-21

Monday, January 21st, 2008
  • Laughing at the cost of Xtech 2007, let alone 2008… #
  • Appointment to visit GP this evening – I need my foot healed. Being stuck at home is boring me silly, running out of distractions. #
  • Am I the only person concerned about the privacy issues of Paxman’s ‘pants’ email? Someone leaking a private email to the press… #
  • @Blowdart Really? Private email isn’t private? Then I’d make a claim under copyright – I wrote it then someone unauthorised copied it. #
  • Getting my Server to chew through my Tour of Duty videos to convert it to something iTunes friendly. May take a few days… #
  • @Warrenellis – if it’s the one that blew over my house forty minutes ago, it’s a cracker. #
  • I’m in GP surgery looking like a drowned rat… #

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Paxman’s Pants

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Jeremy Paxman sends off a private email to Marks and Spencers complaining about the poor quality of their underwear. The someone leaks the email and it’s reply.

Cue silly season in the newspapers.

The real issue isn’t with the state of M&S’s knickers, it’s with privacy.

Someone sent a private email to a company, then someone in the company leaked it to the press. I don’t really think that it counts as ‘public interest’ in the way the whistleblowers are protected.

Instead someone has breached this private communication because they saw a ‘good story’.

I understand (and I’m no lawyer) that email doesn’t have the same protections of written, posted, physical mail. In which case this leak might not be illegal, but it is immoral.

One law that would have been broken is that whoever copied the email to the press would have breached the copyright of Mr. Paxman. By making an unauthorised copy of the email the leaker has made a ‘pirate’ copy of Mr. Paxman’s work.

If I were Sir Stuart Rose (Head of M&S) I’d be wondering who leaked this email, and if this person of dodgy morals has been leaking any business secrets.

My bookmarks for January 13th through January 20th

Monday, January 21st, 2008

These are my links for January 13th through January 20th:

  • Kongregate: Play Areas – An insanely addictive flash type game. Interesting ‘instruction manual’ as well.
  • English tourism website – First place to have a look at when I start to plan my ‘British Tour” holiday for this year.
  • Beers Unlimited – A place where I can go to try out new and interesting beers.

Hard at work – in bed

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Hard at work – in bed, originally uploaded by Random_Reality.

Did I do one yesterday? Blimey, I’m going mad. This is me, working, in bed, doing writey stuff.