Twitters I made on 2008-01-27

  • Domain names booked, blog set up, RSS feed checked, CSS altered, PHP punched. Now all I need is image-art and content! #
  • Content and icons can wait until later – I think I’ll have an early night. #
  • @Renzephyr try searching SL for "Second health" for a proof of concept polyclinic. (I hate it by the way, but the idea is there). #
  • 3L Diet coke, 1L Absolut vodka, An urge to play at being ‘creative’. It’s gonna be an enjoyable day at the Reynolds place… #
  • Hitting – Is reading legal terms a new way of being ‘Creative’? #
  • Oh blimey, fonts… Too. Many. Choices. But it’s an important choice. Time to look for inspiration (i.e. Rip off someone else). #
  • About to die. Cycled for the first time in oh…3 years. Only 2 miles but am now unable to walk. Have new-found love for my car. #
  • Oh blimey – I’m just laying myself open for mockery. #
  • You may go here and laugh at me – I promise, it can *only* get better with actual content. #
  • Now that 1L bottle of vodka and I need to get acquainted. #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – Yep, something I’m planning on doing when I work out how to do it properly *and* in a very short timeframe. #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – Yep – think I’ve got it sussed. Although would prefer fade to black rather than white. #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – I am a tit, just figured it out. I’m never someone to do something the easy way when there is a trickier way to do it #
  • @Girlwitha1trackmind – Would love it! Trust me to jump on a bandwagon just as it goes mainstream <grin> #
  • @blowdart – What would you recommend? Something that’ll work with iTunes and pretty much everything else? #

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One Response to “Twitters I made on 2008-01-27”

  1. Ben Bowen says:


    Just a comment about 90 second review. I love the idea and hope you make many more films!

    However I would like to comment on your videos, but I have to log in to comment. However I don’t have a login details as I need to register, but there is no where to register.

    Could you please turn on registration as I am very happy to register to have the privelage of posting.

    Many thanks,


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