Twitters I made on 2008-01-28

  • @urRaku – Ill Doctrine is indeed superb and has been on my podcast list for a while. At the moment I’m getting practice. #
  • First of three days pretending to be a home worker. Day one – would be late into work. #
  • Just booked back fit for work. Also impressed by Google’s search page today. #
  • Nothing (legal) says "Good morning!" like a pint of coke drunk in under twenty seconds.

    *Burp* #

  • @Suw – Social Media – You are missing ‘Forums’. (Can’t edit wikis – beyond my experience) #
  • @Suw – Creative blogs – Peter David, Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, William Gibson That the sort of thing you are looking for? #
  • About to eat – perhaps I should lifeblog it? Perhaps not. #
  • @Suw – Forums not social? I’d say they are a darn sight more social than ad-servers like Facebook. #
  • I feel more ‘at home’ in a forum than anything else mentioned on the page – and they aren’t automatically troll homes. #
  • @Suw – Forum, are *superb* for building relationships. I think we’ve have two very different experiences experiences with them. #
  • @nicopotamus – Cheers – I’ll take a look at it. #
  • @nicopotamus Comments should be fixed now. (Along with me farting around with the theme). #

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