Twitters I made on 2008-02-01

  • About to take to the streets with a sniper rifle. #
  • My name is being passed to the anti-terrorist branch of the police. *Not* because of the earlier ‘sniper’ comment. DNA may be asked for… #
  • @Blowdart – It’ll be to exclude my DNA should they manage to find my stolen card, so hopefully not put on the DB (I’m also strongly anti-DB) #
  • Wtching Derren Brown’s ‘The system’, guessing that he’s timeshifting the video of the races with the bookies all in on it. #
  • Revised idea – he’s done it many times and picked the only person who hit a winning streak. #
  • Interested in seeing him using the techniques he writes about in ‘Absolute Magic’. #
  • I Win. For I am smarter than Derren Brown. Although I can’t grow as tidy a beard. #
  • Not too sure that his final action doesn’t invalidate the message that he gives through the filming, that there’s no ‘system’. #
  • Ah – sod it, time to hit the bottle. #

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