Twitters I made on 2008-02-06

  • Hmmm… This is interesting for us Twitter users. Cheers Mr. Ellis for pointing it out. #
  • Fighting with FRAPS, but that’s what you get when SL runs too slowly on my Macbook. #
  • considering Souxie And the Banshees ‘Rapture’ as being very Penguin Cafe Orchestra #
  • Pulling my hair out at trying to get Windows to do anything other than play games without crashing. And my hatred for SL increases. #
  • Is there a virtual Linden Lab building in Second Life I could perhaps firebomb? I have chemical weapons and several nuclear missiles. #
  • Strange how quickly you get used to being asked to ‘give a short presentation, then a Q&A session’ as something fun to do. #
  • @Suw Are you in Hertfordshire/Sopwell House on Thursday/Friday? #
  • @Suw Guardian thing, just you were BCC on an email to me (although that may just be a bug) #

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