Twitters I made on 2008-01-23

January 23rd, 2008
  • I need to find someone to be me when I can’t get out of bed. #
  • First thing to make me laugh in ages – "The Warren Ellis guide to gardening", or ‘Give me food Gaia or I’ll drown you in shit*". *Mulch. #
  • Appears that when I leave this pub I’m in I’m gonna hafta hit my RSS with a spanner. #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-22

January 22nd, 2008
  • Need to ‘defrag’ flat – thanks to Suw for that particular linguistic phrase. #
  • @Vivdora after examining my foot (through a sock!) suggested that I wait and see, and here are some anti-inflammatories, come back in a week #
  • @Giagia – seems perfectly sensible to me. Has Brian ever thought of doing stand up comedy? #
  • @snowgoon I also adore Lemon Jelly so I’ve now programmed my iTunes for same #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-21

January 21st, 2008
  • Laughing at the cost of Xtech 2007, let alone 2008… #
  • Appointment to visit GP this evening – I need my foot healed. Being stuck at home is boring me silly, running out of distractions. #
  • Am I the only person concerned about the privacy issues of Paxman’s ‘pants’ email? Someone leaking a private email to the press… #
  • @Blowdart Really? Private email isn’t private? Then I’d make a claim under copyright – I wrote it then someone unauthorised copied it. #
  • Getting my Server to chew through my Tour of Duty videos to convert it to something iTunes friendly. May take a few days… #
  • @Warrenellis – if it’s the one that blew over my house forty minutes ago, it’s a cracker. #
  • I’m in GP surgery looking like a drowned rat… #

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Paxman’s Pants

January 21st, 2008

Jeremy Paxman sends off a private email to Marks and Spencers complaining about the poor quality of their underwear. The someone leaks the email and it’s reply.

Cue silly season in the newspapers.

The real issue isn’t with the state of M&S’s knickers, it’s with privacy.

Someone sent a private email to a company, then someone in the company leaked it to the press. I don’t really think that it counts as ‘public interest’ in the way the whistleblowers are protected.

Instead someone has breached this private communication because they saw a ‘good story’.

I understand (and I’m no lawyer) that email doesn’t have the same protections of written, posted, physical mail. In which case this leak might not be illegal, but it is immoral.

One law that would have been broken is that whoever copied the email to the press would have breached the copyright of Mr. Paxman. By making an unauthorised copy of the email the leaker has made a ‘pirate’ copy of Mr. Paxman’s work.

If I were Sir Stuart Rose (Head of M&S) I’d be wondering who leaked this email, and if this person of dodgy morals has been leaking any business secrets.

My bookmarks for January 13th through January 20th

January 21st, 2008

These are my links for January 13th through January 20th:

  • Kongregate: Play Areas – An insanely addictive flash type game. Interesting ‘instruction manual’ as well.
  • English tourism website – First place to have a look at when I start to plan my ‘British Tour” holiday for this year.
  • Beers Unlimited – A place where I can go to try out new and interesting beers.

Hard at work – in bed

January 20th, 2008

Hard at work – in bed, originally uploaded by Random_Reality.

Did I do one yesterday? Blimey, I’m going mad. This is me, working, in bed, doing writey stuff.

Twitters I made on 2008-01-19

January 19th, 2008
  • And a couple of hours after starting the Bourne trilogy I wonder why reviewers liked them so much. All seemed rather formulaic to me. #
  • Another night survived. Now, what to do with the day. #
  • Aliens Vs Predator 2 is really rather fun. Soundtrack/audio is excellent and the SFX are mostly physical. #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-18

January 18th, 2008
  • Ergh… Just went blind *and* deaf from postural hypotension. Been decades since I last had *that* problem. #
  • ok… now I appear to have super-hearing. Blimey, I hope I’m not having a stroke. #
  • @urRaku Nothing radioactive – my nuke detector would have gone off. Oops, that reminds me, I need to put a battery in it… #
  • Once more, like Helios, I greet the day. Then roll over and bury myself under my duvet. #
  • just blogged the most Emo thing *ever*. Sob. Where the fuck is the sun and Spring? #
  • sitting down with all 3 "Bourne" films. #

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Twitters I made on 2008-01-17

January 17th, 2008
  • Dear lazyweb – Can you recommend a decent, cheap (or free) Invoice creator for the Mac? #
  • @imajes Nope – I’m trying Billable at the moment. #
  • Bored of plane-crash porn on BBC News 24. #
  • @Ordinal – Quick question, Can I ask where you got your EeePC? I’m right in remembering you bought one right? #
  • @Imajes I buggered my foot slipping on oil in the ambulance garage. Nowt serious, but it is a bit painful. #
  • @Ordinal – Thanks, there is no rush at them moment, but I could do with a cheap ultraportable with a keyboard at some point. #
  • @Megp But is there another way to publicise Seesmic? I don’t think that they have RSS subscriptions yet. #
  • Time to shoot demons in the face while blasting my brain with a SAD light. I feel like I deserve it. #
  • @qwghlm General consensus is it’s good if you can use a small keyboard. Apparently tricky to get hold of 4G stock #

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January 17th, 2008

Drink, originally uploaded by Random_Reality.

Actually a pint of John Smiths, not that more famous Irish based pint.
If I start photographing books I’ll have run out of material…